5 Things You Might Not Know About Dissertation Submission

It is one thing to write a decent academic paper and a completely different ballgame to be able to submit that successfully. There are a few things that you will have to note and you might not have known some of these things earlier. Here are five things that you are likely to miss out before or at the time of dissertation submission.

  1. The length of the paper
  2. The length of the paper must coincide with the length that was prescribed by the course instructor at the beginning of the paper. Most times, when you are writing the paper in a flow, the length seems to go immaterial.

    Submission time is a good time to recollect the length of the paper as instructed earlier. Talk yourself through the benefits of keeping the paper limited on length. There is also no great advantage in taking the length of the paper too long.

  3. The references
  4. Check on the referencing or the citations page before you submit the paper. While most writers are pretty concerned about the references page right when they are composing it, there is always merit in giving it a second shot as well.

    While some are not concerned with the reference because they have not sourced much material from other authors, you should also consider that such papers will not carry much merit in any case.

  5. There is a dissertation defense
  6. This is something that you might have to face later. But you must remind yourself of the defense before you submit it. This will ensure that any part which you feel is not fit for the paper is excluded. Also, do not consider what you have done so far as incomprehensible.

    Sometimes you will have to look back at the context to establish the relevance of a point or note you might have included.

  7. Who is the examiner?
  8. The examiner plays a major role in the comprehension of the paper you have written. In most cases, this is where you will have to get your thoughts processed in the later stages. You should be able to take the examiner into confidence the moment you look to complete the paper.

  9. The acknowledgement page
  10. Never miss out on the acknowledgement page of the paper. Mention the name of all those who have helped you come through the paper. Give special mention to the course instructor and make sure there is no one worth mentioned that is missed in this page of the paper. Check on this right before the submission as well.

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