Basic Instructions For Writing A Cover Page For A Dissertation Report

The cover page for a dissertation report may seem like a small detail with which you shouldn’t have to be concerned. However, some disciplines and graduate advisors have very strict rules about how a proper dissertation report cover page should look. If you don’t have the right formatting you might find yourself looking at a lower grade than you would have received had you followed the correct instructions. Here are some basic instructions about writing a standard cover page:

  • Each Discipline Will Have Different Requirements
  • The first thing you need to know about writing a cover page for a dissertation report is that each discipline will likely have different requirements for you to follow. There is no universal format and it often requires you to speak with your advisor or visit your department’s main office in order to find an approved template from which to work.

  • It Shouldn’t Have Fancy Formatting or Text Styles
  • Although you want your title page to be attractive and eye-catching you should never go overboard with any fancy formatting or text styles. Remember, this is an academic work that signals the start of your professional career, bold colors or graphics can be extremely distracting and can signal that you work isn’t of a serious nature. Give the right impression with a professional look.

  • The Title Should Reflect Your Research Precisely
  • There are plenty of writing occasions where wit or good humor within a title can help set a positive tone with a work or suggest to the reader that the work is light-hearted. Your dissertation title shouldn’t do this at all. It should be direct and get right to the point, signaling to researchers and other readers exactly what your work is about and what you set out to prove.

  • Be Sure Every Part is Proofread for Errors
  • By now you are probably well-aware of the importance of proofreading each academic piece you write. Surprisingly, many students neglect to do their due diligence and check their cover pages for the same mistake they often make within the core document. Students are just as likely to put in an extra space, misspell a word or two or miss punctuation on the title page as they are making these mistakes within the text. Be sure to check your title page thoroughly.

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