List Of Good Dissertation Topics In Journalism And Mass Communication

It s always suggested that a researcher should never concentrate on a broad dissertation topic. It’s because it crosses word limit defined by the instructor. Furthermore, the scope of research work is always open even on an already researched topic and especially on the subject like Mass Communication. It is because, no research is considered as perfect.

Following is the list of topics in Journalism and Mass Communication that can always become scope of research-

  1. How women journalists are treated across the globe? Is it a safe career option for them? Do they have to be very tough and bold to handle any scenario in public or they should not be sent in the interiors or risky places?
  2. A large portion of the newspaper is occupied by the advertisements which readers do not want to pay for. Is there any other alternative newspapers can focus to earn money?
  3. Why newspapers can’t survive without advertisements?
  4. Carry a research as a journalists as in how light clubs, discotheques, strip clubs and pubs are affecting the teenagers of USA?
  5. Do you think that when the journalists do not have any news with them, they transform any small news into a big and ignited one?
  6. Should journalists focus on other sectors apart from political chaos?
  7. What are the future prospects of Journalists? Discuss it in terms of Tabloidism, Paparazzi and Yellow Journalism.
  8. As a journalist, find out how film industry has uplifted the economy of India?
  9. Which is better- Hollywood or Bollywood? Do you think, Bollywood is left no way behind than the Hollywood?
  10. Who is ahead in creating more nude and stupid scenes between Bollywood and the Hollywood?
  11. How film industry contributes to the world market? How the Yashraj films have made a big business across the globe?
  12. Do you think that emergence of South East Asian films is a huge threat to Hollywood?
  13. Do you think that Hollywood films reveal an outrageous behavior and are accountable for making people violent?
  14. Do you think that China is practicing public diplomacy in the best possible way across the globe? How?
  15. How do Anti-Islam videos have brought the existence of Islam in danger?
  16. Why do you think that Psychological operations are vital for the countries like Iraq and Afghanistan in maintaining peace and nurturing positive mindsets?
  17. How does reporting by the Journalists can make or break the image of any country?
  18. How correct it is to say that final shape of media was formed during the period of Somalia, Bosnia, Kosovo and Gulf war conflicts?

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