Good Advice On Choosing Dissertation Topics About Finance

A good dissertation will always be based on a good topic. Essentially, a bad topic will often lead to poor quality content, which can have a serious implication on the outcome of any academic course that you may study. As a result, it is crucial that you spend enough time thinking of a good topic to write about. After all, you will generally spend many hours doing the work, often over a period of several weeks, or even months, so you should be happy with the topic that you choose.

Such a subject that may require you to write this form of detail academic paper is finance. In fact, the general topic of finance may be used when discussing economics, business studies or a wide range of other subjects as well. In order to pick a good topic for a subject such as finance, there are a variety of different things that you can do, such as reading a range of different articles in finance publications and the finance sections of different newspapers.

Equally, it can also be a good idea to look at prewritten academic papers, which can often be found online, so as to give you some further inspiration. Alternatively, you might find the following list of topics to be relatively inspiring as well.

  • What qualifications and experience does an accountant have before they are qualified to work in the profession?
  • How do big businesses use global tax laws in order to reduce the amount of tax that they pay in different areas of the world, and what impact can this have on their overall finances?
  • What tax exemptions are available to charities and to what extent are these exemptions taken advantage of by groups who might not necessarily be a charity in the intended sense of the word when those financial laws were made?
  • What tax exemptions are available for religions, what do those religions have to do to prove their status, and is it fair that religions do not have to pay the say amount of tax as other groups and businesses?
  • What financial benefits are available to small and medium-sized businesses?
  • What financial benefits are available to new start-ups and young businesses?
  • How does the government use tax incentives to encourage foreign film productions to invest in the country?
  • How do bankruptcies work?
  • Is debt ever a good thing?
  • How do stocks and bonds work?

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