Hand-Picked List Of Doctoral Dissertation Topics On Biblical Studies

The general subject of biblical studies is considered to include all diverse disciplines of both the Christian and Jewish scriptures contained within the Bible. There are several different perspectives from which students can approach a doctoral dissertation. This is a hand-picked list of some really good topics worth consideration:

  1. In analyzing specific versus and passages in the Bible what do we know about how traditions in worship have changed over time? Specifically, how has culture affected the way traditions have evolved when they were once considered law?

  2. Discuss the common biblical view that the only way for a couple to be recognized by God they must be married. How does the contemporary view of marriage and pre-marital cohabitation contradict traditions?

  3. How does the Bible handle the troubling idea that there is only one omnipotent God? And how have present day Christians dealt in living in peace with other religions that do not share the same idea but maintain values of similar to those expressed in the Bible?

  4. Discuss the Christian belief that the only way to save a child’s soul is through baptism? What then does this suggest about the way devout Christians consider pro-life options when the fetus is yet to be baptized?

  5. Analyze the Jesus and his disciples’ conflicting behavior in the Bible and try to explain how present day followers should take these consistencies and interpret them in a way that they fall in-line with other core beliefs expressed in scripture.

  6. Are the teachings presented in the Old Testament too outdated to make a connection with today’s congregation or are still applicable to people and society of modern times? Or do you think the teachings should be updated to meet the concerns of today?

  7. Discuss the place of homosexuality in ancient times according to the Bible. Do modern interpretations align with textual mentions of the views and opinions of homosexuality in the time in which the Bible’s books were originally written?

  8. Provide an analysis of young adults’ social capacities in both cases where one has had a religious upbringing and where one has not had a religious upbringing. How much of a role does Bible study have on development?

  9. Would some teachings from the Bible have greater effectiveness if they were complemented by major works from other religions? Provide a case study or evidence based research to support your claim.

  10. Analyze every reference of punishment allowed in the societies of the old and new testaments and provide an explanation for why people have moved away from these practices despite no reference for the need in scripture.

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