Top 22 Unique Dissertation Writing Ideas For Business Management Students

Are you a business management student and you are supposed to write a dissertation but you do not know where to start? Do not panic, like most students normally do. There are so many dissertation ideas that you can think about these days. It is almost impossible for you not to have something good to write about, particularly when you are looking to write a paper that will be worth a lot more to you in the long run, in terms of the grades you will graduate with.

The following are some really good ideas that you are supposed to think about when you are working on this paper:

  1. Discuss how a travel advisory affects the economy of a country that is on the receiving end of this advisory
  2. Explain how extremist attacks have in the past made it difficult for businesses to work normally
  3. Discuss how currencies normally fluctuate in relation to one another
  4. Discuss the effect that the lapse in the Chinese stock market had on the rest of the world
  5. Explain how the modes of transport normally affect the prices of commodities, when they move from one country to the other
  6. Global warming is a major challenge. Explain the ramifications of global warming from a business point of view, to the economy.
  7. Discuss the impact that visits by high profile persons such as the Pope or the US President have on the economy of the hosting nations
  8. Discuss some malpractices that have in the past rendered international trade a playground for the rich and the few
  9. Discuss how poor politics will almost certainly affect the scope of business advancement of a country
  10. Discuss some radical advancements in technology and how they have improved businesses
  11. Explain the importance of taxes to the business
  12. Discuss the procedure for applying for a business permit in your locality
  13. Explain why countries with tax havens are a good option for cartels
  14. Discuss how managers can cope with the social media invasion in the workplace
  15. Explain the benefits that social media has brought to modern day businesses
  16. Discuss the different forms of communication and how they are effective in the workplace
  17. Corporates should be afraid of social media: Discuss
  18. Explain the impact that the current Syrian refugee crisis will have on the economy of the neighbors
  19. Highlight relevant protocols necessary to ensure online businesses are safe from hacks
  20. Discuss the challenge of cyber-terrorism to businesses
  21. Identify unique CSR options for a tech firm, which have not been overly used in the past
  22. Critique the HR selection process in a company you are affiliated with

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