Developing A Solid Opening Statement For Your Dissertation Defense

Defending a dissertation properly is equally important as its writing. If you don’t prepare for your defense, your final score will be low even if your paper is brilliant. One of the main parts of a defense is making an opening statement. Below, you may read the tips that will help you prepare an opening statement that will draw the interest of your committee and other listeners.

  1. Grab the attention of your audience.
  2. You should start your speech with some attention-grabbing fact related to your topic. This will help you make your audience interested in the subject of your dissertation so that they will continue listening to your speech.

  3. Provide background information.
  4. Briefly, tell your listeners about the history of your topic. Start with the first study made in this area of research and list the discoveries that were made by other investigators. This way, you’ll give your audience the context necessary to understand your following statements.

  5. Mention the significance.
  6. Research shouldn’t be done for the sake of research. Tell about the greater goal behind your work. Usually, investigators try to fill in the gaps in the knowledge of particular fields in order to use this knowledge properly and make the world a better place.

  7. State your research question.
  8. Finally, you should focus on the main goal of your particular study and list the questions that you’re going to answer in your paper. Make sure that these questions seem logical and clear.

The main thing you should remember to defend your dissertation successfully is that you should practice your speech a lot. Practice in front of a mirror every day to make amendments in your behavior, give little speeches in front of your friends and family from time to time, and visit the defenses of other students in order to learn what you should do and what mistakes you should avoid.

You’ll also need a good presentation to support your words with illustrations, graphs, tables, and so on. This is also a very significant part of your defense. If you have problems with creating presentations, you may visit this company. They’ll provide you with a custom-made presentation of the highest quality based on your paper. Such companies may also provide you with other services related to dissertation writing. They may proofread your text and eliminate different spelling and grammar mistakes that occurred during the writing process. They may even write an entire dissertation from scratch if necessary. However, such services will cost you a pretty penny.

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