22 Acute Dissertation Topics On Development Studies

When writing your dissertation, you should remember why you wanted to study this field in the first place. Whatever reason you have for being interested in international development will be able to motivate you to finish your work.

Topics for developmental studies

  1. Political economy of oil in Nigeria
  2. Thailand’s issues with prostitution and AIDS
  3. Economic policy for maintaining peace in Rwanada
  4. Healthcare approaches in China: village doctors
  5. Effective approaches to rehab in developing countries
  6. New world disorder: case studies of investments in India
  7. Foreign investment in India: a study of the Dhabo power project
  8. How is disability viewed in developing countries? Effective approaches
  9. including rehabilitation at the community level
  10. After Biafra: reconciliation versus memories in Nigeria
  11. Are anti-corruption agencies affective? Reasons why some fail and some succeed
  12. The flows and stops of international capital: is this a domestic or global issue?
  13. How do changes in democracy affect or even jeopardize economic growth?
  14. The effects of corporate leadership and external pressures in the mining industry
  15. How armed groups make themselves look like saviours: the use of service delivery to achieve community approval
  16. An in-depth study of Afghan villages to discover coping strategies amidst violence and insecurity
  17. What gives strength to opposition parties in Ghana and Zambia? Exploring the linkages between party and society
  18. Germany and Kosovo as a case study – how are humanitarian emergencies shaped by concern over refugees?
  19. How to approach the tragedy of female infanticide in India
  20. Policy making and informed consent for mining
  21. Educational reform – a qualitative and quantitative analysis
  22. How does decentralization impact educational outcomes?
  23. Does gender play a role in health product purchasing decisions?

Browse over the list and see what general topic sparks an interest for further investigation. You will need to locate sufficient research sources to get the information you need to write an effective paper. A dissertation is the pinnacle of your education, so choose something you have a great interest in and can find a unique angle that hasn’t been written about before. Sometimes changing something such as the methodology is sufficient to make your project unique.

Keep in mind your supervisor will have to approve your choice, and usually it’s by means of a proposal. This is not to be taken lightly. Invest sufficient time and energy into your proposal to make it convincing.

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