Creating A Dissertation Cover Page – 8 Basic Rules

A freelance dissertation or essay is normally given at the end of the term as homework. This needs to be well done as this thesis most of the time carries marks, and the end of term grade is dependent on it.

That is why rules for creating a cover page for the dissertation need to be followed. This is of prime importance. Rather than conducting a detailed research on how to follow these rules, this article can be read to give you the same information.

  1. The cover page as it is the first impression of the research work has to be well packaged. It needs to have aesthetic appeal and based on the cover page, at most times, the reader will choose to ignore or continue reading the dissertation.
  2. There should not be too much information on the cover page barring your name, the name of your thesis, the name of your university, the project name, the logo of the institute or if that is not there, the name of the professor.
  3. No fancy fonts should be used on the cover page. It should be plain, elegant and simple. That way it will be the most effective.
  4. The format of the cover page should be the same as the rest of the dissertation. If it is to be in the APA format, then the size of the font, the running header and minor details which are to be as per the APA guidelines, need to apply to the cover page as well.
  5. The title should be on the top of the page and centrally placed as this is the most important point of the entire cover page.
  6. Only after the title should the name of the author appear as per the APA format. There should be a single spacing between the name of the title as well as the author. This should be directly under the title name.
  7. The institution name should follow with a single space entry as well
  8. The brief author’s note should be at the bottom of the page, and it can include the date of publication of the article.

These are some tips which should be followed when creating a dissertation cover – be it part of a freelance homework essay or even an end of term thesis which encompasses the entire term’s homework.

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