The Key To Writing A Good Dissertation Introduction In Physics

Physics is not for everyone, but you probably noticed this already. To be good in this subject you must work for years, and be ready to sacrifice all your free time. Before you can start your career, you have to successfully complete your dissertation. The first part that you need to write is, naturally, the introduction. What you have to do to make sure it’s good?

  • Present the topic. The people that listen to your dissertation are not specialists in physics, so they can’t understand everything from the title. You have to explain in detail what is your project about and why did you choose to talk about this. Make sure that you do not use complicated words or terms; try to imagine that you are explaining your thesis to a younger student who does not know these terms.

  • Motivate your choice. You had so many topics to choose from, so why specifically this one? What made you believe that this issue is so vital that it’s worth spending a few weeks to write about it? What is the final goal of your dissertation and how will this improve the world around you? You have to answer all these questions in a short, but concise manner.

  • Describe your research methods. You have to be very innovative in your research if you want to convince your professors that you are the right person for this career. Since you have to focus on physics, you have to create an experiment to prove your theory. This is the best way to make sure that your work is truly appreciated and you will get high marks for your project.

  • Keep it short. If you really like the subject and you are passionate about your ideas, you can get carried by the wave and write more than you want to. In general, it’s recommended to keep your introduction a few paragraphs long, as anything more than this can become boring even for the most interested reader. Short sentences are always better than the long ones, as you will express yourself in a better way. Also, keep the quotes and the references for the main text; they will take a lot of space in the introduction and they will not be well connected to the rest of the text. Verify and proofread the introduction before you move on.

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