The 12 Best Dissertation Titles For Quality Management Students

Writing a dissertation on quality management is difficult enough without having to come up with a catchy and original title. There are several techniques for developing a good title, but sometimes students draw blanks when the time comes to finally create a good one. Generally, you want to have some ideas before you start your project as a means to keep your project moving in the right direction from the onset. Here are some of the best titles you may want to consider for your quality management dissertation:

  1. An analysis of the best methods for overseeing tasks and activities in order to achieve the highest levels of excellence within the health care industry.

  2. Understanding the basic principles of company oversight using today’s technological tools and how this affects employees’ motivation.

  3. How do data tracking technology affect the way chief financial officers can have greater oversight in mid to large scale businesses?

  4. What can property managers learn about residential oversight by observing practices in small to mid-size businesses? Analyzing the similarities and differences.

  5. Evaluate the latest quality management techniques that have had the most success in the travel industry. How are these techniques different from those in other industries?

  6. What differences and similarities of government oversight exist in local and state government spending?

  7. A discussion on evolution of quality management methods in the accounting and finance industries and how the larger corporations are leading the way for change.

  8. What advances in government oversight methods can apply and be successful in the corporate world? Why have these methods not been widely used?

  9. A comparison of different management styles across successful fast food chains and how the culture of leadership affects the bottom line.

  10. The cost of efficient business: a study on how much business owners must spend to make their businesses run the most effectively.

  11. Quality management: a complete study on the positive and negative effects on employees of a well-run, successful company.

  12. Managing into the future through automation: a case study on how leadership and quality control will change in the next half century.

Of course, these only represent a small sample of great dissertation titles out there. Use these to inspire some thoughts of your own and be sure to narrow your project into something you can manage while completely exploring. If you’re in doubt, have someone review the options and offer suggestions and feedback.

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