How To Write Your Thesis In 5 Days: An Extraordinary Method

Students usually struggle quite a bit when it comes to writing their theses. That is normal and most people would agree that writing the thesis is one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. In general, people tend to spend months preparing for the thesis and need weeks writing it. However, the job can actually be done within a week, or more specifically in 5 days if you know what you are doing. Here are what you should do.

Ditch everything else

In these 5 days, you should not do anything else apart from writing your dissertation. So don’t watch films or play games. Apart from your daily essential routines, you should be focusing on your thesis. Concentrate and think of different points you can write about. That’s how you can score better in your thesis. You should make sure that your points are expressed clearly and are coherent.

Do the references whilst writing

Reference list can be a pain, but it’s not too bad if you do your reference list whilst you are writing your main body. This would save time from searching for it at the end and trust me; it would save A LOT of time. So don’t be lazy and start doing your referencing now – you will be glad that you have done this.

Write first, organise later

This is the strategy that smart students adopt. They put the words down first and then they will start to organise things. It would be very difficult for you to be articulating thoughts in your head and it will make your life quite a bit easier if you would just write them down. It really doesn’t matter what you write, as this would only be your first draft. So don’t worry about it and just write down what you are thinking now!

Work in the library

The library is a better place when you are working – you won’t be as easily distracted, which is good! You don’t really want to be distracted when you are working on your thesis and your home would not be the best place. A suggestion would be to work in the library for a few days and get your thesis done in as little time as possible.

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