A Collection Of Top-Level PhD Thesis Topics In Chemistry

There are so many students who tend to struggle when they are supposed to write a PhD thesis in chemistry. This is something that will easily put you off your mark. When you start working on a paper like this one and you lose the plot, it becomes easier to give up altogether. However, when you pay close attention to this resource, there is a good chance that you will never have to worry about choosing the topic.

In here you will come across some incredible topics that you should present for your work. You can also use the same structure to come up with something amazing that you will write, and eventually have the best experience working on a PhD paper so far.

  • Discuss the application of the Knorr synthesis of Pyrroles in industrial processes today
  • Explain citing appropriate examples how LSD and route of access can be used
  • Discuss some of the challenges that Nobel Prize winners in chemistry have to deal with in their line of work having bagged the prestigious accolade
  • Discuss how the chemistry of taste and smell works
  • Explain how synaptic transmitters operate
  • Discuss an elaborate experiment on rates of reaction, citing appropriate case scenarios where this discussion would be applicable
  • Discuss the utility and chemistry of scopolamine
  • Explain how different metals react when they are exposed to acid
  • The human digestive system is one large chemical laboratory. Explain some of the chemical reactions that occur in here
  • Discuss the procedure of parallel combinational chemistry in application to come up with ester
  • Discuss, citing relevant examples, why alchemy is considered the predecessor to modern chemistry
  • Explain some of the common applications of chemistry in everyday life that are safe, but could easily turn into catastrophic events
  • Explain the important chemistry theories that are applicable in the painting of cars, and discuss how this will change in the near future, with an emphasis on global warming
  • Discuss the application of chemistry in crime investigation

With the discussion topics that we have shared in here with you, you should never have to worry about anything at all. In fact, you will barely need to fret. You can also use the same concept to design your own titles, which will help you be more independent when it comes to title selection in the near future.

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