Finding A Sample Of A Dissertation With Qualitative Research

Most degree programs end with a sort of capstone project. This is meant to show evidence of what the student has learned being practically applied. For some this takes the form of a practicum and written report, for others it is a thesis or a dissertation.

If you are given the last of those options, you may have to conduct qualitative research depending on the discipline within which you are conducting your study. This is not a difficult process but you may need to see a few examples of it so that you can structure your own actions accordingly. Here are some tips to help you do that.

  • Be aware of the differences between qualitative and quantitative methods
  • Many people try to give others the impression that they understand the differences but do not. Quantitative methods of data collection will yield you results that are more figures based whereas qualitative methods are more likely to yield narratives. A survey with close ended questions will give you numbers. It is qualitative. An open ended question ensures that a survey gives you qualitative results instead.

  • Ask your colleagues if they have done any
  • The people who are in your classes may very well possess exactly the type of information you are seeking out. Ask them and they may just pass it onto you.

  • Ask your teacher to see a sample of that nature
  • It is in teacher's best interests to keep samples of the better work they come across. It may help them to instruct less competent students. Even if you are a very good student who just needs a hint, you may benefit from this stockpile of samples if you ask nicely and they are not already in use.

  • Read the journals for your discipline
  • Journals tend to contain published research. Some of this may have been conducted in qualitative way which you can thus learn from.

  • Borrow a sample from your faculty‚Äôs library
  • If your faculty has its own library you can definitely make use of this. If not, they should at least have their own section of the campus library. This resource may also exist more conveniently online.

Qualitative research is often more intuitive fro new students. Your dissertation may benefit from the extra level of authenticity and originality that can come from that inclusion. If it is applicable you should definitely give it a try.

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