12 Interesting Dissertation Topics In Financial Risk Management

Financial risk increases as the amount of money your are investing increases and this risk is unavoidable, the most one can do is try to reduce it. This can be done in several ways, with most people opting to have professionals handle their financial affairs. This still carries a high degree of risk, since, to begin with, you can never be sure of the professional’s capabilities, even if they happen to be honest.

Dissertations are lengthy research papers, that all students must complete before they graduate with their diplomas. As a rule, this means that they are required to perform many serious research activities during the course of this paper, accompanied by expert level analysis and presentation. Before you dive into this, you must first select a topic that suits you. Feel free to consider the following twelve interesting dissertation ideas on risk management.

  1. What are the dangers faced by large economies, when a significant portion of their population is permanently unemployed, or unable to maintain a steady job?
  2. Is it always a wise decision for governments to bail out large companies, or would the economies be better off forcing companies to manage their affairs better?
  3. How do insurance companies manage to make money when their payouts are often much larger than any premiums paid by their customers?
  4. Many loan types are supported by governments, allowing their interest rates to be much lower than average. Is this a sound economic practice?
  5. Is it true that high risk investments are more profitable, or is this simply a result of the large monies involved?
  6. What are the most effective strategies, that can be taken by small businesses, to ensure their financial security in the long run?
  7. Is real estate investment a risk free one since land property values hardly ever decrease, or is this just a lie told by real estate agents to make their businesses seem more lucrative than they are?
  8. What are the opportunities that present them self to investor, during time of economic crisis or market crashes?
  9. How can the stock market be used to make risk free profits, over the long term?
  10. What are the moral hazards of deceiving persons to make investments that will ultimately lose them their money, but earns you a commission?
  11. Are firms ever at risk when investing the money of their clients, or do they always win in the end?
  12. What factors affect a company’s likelihood of going bankrupt?

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