A Comprehensive Guide To Writing Dissertation Reviews

Dissertation reviews are supposed to convince the powers to be that you know what’s going on in whatever field you are writing about. It also shows that there is some kind of theory behind what you are proposing to write about. You also are trying to let the reader know how your work fits into works already written about this topic. You are also trying to convince others that your work is worth reading and that you have new information on the topic that others will be interested in. If you can accomplish these objectives when you are writing your review, you will have written a great review.

  • Convince powers to be that you are knowledgeable
  • Your review has to establish some kind of proof that you know what you are talking about. You must be able to convince everyone that you are worth listening to and you know your topic in depth. No one will listen to you if you don’t prove that you are an expert on the topic. The way you organize your paper, discuss the topic logically and objectively and focus on what’s important, you are proving you are worthy of them listening to you.

  • There is theory of some kind behind your writing
  • There has to be some kind of research or basis for what you are proposing in your writing. You have to have some kind of basis from which you made your assumptions. You have to indicate what these theories were so that the readers and critics know there is a method to your madness, so to speak. There has to be some kind of basis you are jumping from.

  • How does your work fit into already published work?
  • Your writings must be closely related to other work that is already out there. It gives your work some credence and it will kind of help knowing what context it should be taken in.

  • Your work has significance
  • Show the reader how your work has original ideas that others have left out. You are trying to prove that your work is worth reading. You want to give the reader a reason to read your writing.

Lastly you want to make sure the readers know your work is original. All of these points that need to be in your review must let the reader know you have original ideas and you are writing them in your article. You can always buy dissertation on the web, if you're very busy.

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