Choosing Russian History Dissertation Topics: 15 Ideas

Are you doing a dissertation on Russian history, and require topics to give you ideas? When you are stuck for ideas it can be overwhelming to get started, however, with the right approach you can find more ideas than is required. The trick is knowing where to locate those ideas. However, if you want some topics to look at right now, then here are 15 to get you started:

  1. What role did Russia play in WWII to get the victory for the allies?
  2. What were the most popular presidents in Russian history?
  3. What piece of architecture is historically the most important in Russia?
  4. What strategic advantage did Russia have in WWII over the Germans?
  5. What are 3 notable books to be written by Russian authors?
  6. What were the most notable rules imposed by Lenin?
  7. Go into detail regarding the 1905 revolution
  8. Describe the breakup of the USSR
  9. What role did Russia play in the first World War?
  10. Describe the Tsarist government, and their most notable characteristics
  11. Go into detail regarding the great famine of Russia
  12. Choose a decade and describe what it would be like to live in Moscow<
  13. Describe the peasant uprisings in Russia
  14. Describe the rise of Stalin, and how it affected Russia
  15. Describe what part Russia had to play in the space race

There are just some of the topics that you can choose to complete your dissertation. They are there to give you ideas if you are stuck. Perhaps they will be able to inspire you to come up with your own topics.

It’s important to select the kind of topic that will inspire you, and get you motivated to do a lot of work. If you are struggling to select a topic that you are enthusiastic about, then perhaps you should look through a Russian history book. You might discover that some topics simply jump out of you and spark an interest.

If you don’t have any Russian history books handy, then you could simply visit a website that is dedicated to Russian history. Via the search engines you should be able to find many different ones at your fingertips.

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