The Top 10 Excellent Dissertation Writing Ideas On Politics

  1. British Foreign Policy. Make a comparison between the policies of the recent coalition government; previous labour government and the present conservative government, how do they differ? Which is the more effective?

  2. Refugees. The current refugee crisis in Europe. How much of this situation is confounded by the media and how much by politics? Why has Europe not yet come up with a united plan to ease the situation?
  3. Conflict between African nations. To what extent should the politicians in UK, Europe and the US have any influence on what happens in African countries. Is there an easy solution?

  4. Britain in the EU. Currently there are negotiations regarding Britain’s membership within the EU. What are the pros and cons of this move? Is this the will of the people or the will of the politicians? What are the benefits of an exit?

  5. Russia. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union how has the relationship between Russia and the UK , and Russia and the US changed if at all? Why are Eastern European countries no longer ruled by Russia?

  6. China. China is now one of the biggest exporters and produces many commodities very cheaply which has had an effect on industries in the west. How has this effected the political relationships between the US and China?

  7. State of Palestine. Why has the recognition of Palestine been such a complex process? Has this recognition made any significant political change between the Israelis and the Arabs?

  8. United Nations. Is the United nations an effect law enforcement agency? Is the UN really free from Political pressure? What possible changes could be made to enable the UN to become more effective?

  9. US Foreign Policy. How is the US foreign Policy seen by the rest of the world? Is it seen as a policing policy or is it seen as a bullying tactic? How effective is the policy and how much is it guided by politicians?

  10. Nuclear Power. How have the politics changed over the past 50 years. Focus on the cold war and also relationships with Korea. Are there any particular lessons to be learned from history?

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