Crafting An Introduction For A Dissertation In Computer Science

Although you might choose to write your computer science dissertation introduction last, it certainly shouldn’t be the last part you think about. It’s an important piece to document as a whole because it’s the first thing the reader will look at and function to set the tone for the remainder of the document. If you get off to a bad start you may negatively influence the reader to dislike the rest of your work – something no student wants to do in a project of this magnitude. This being said, here are some great ideas for crafting a solid introduction for a dissertation in computer science:

  • Introduce Your Research Topic
  • The first few sentences of your introduction should clearly and directly introduce your research topic and provide enough background information the reader has an understanding of why the topic is important. Remember, your research must be meaningful and valuable to the discipline. Take this into consideration when you give the background and convince the reader why your work is a notable contribution.

  • Reference Previous Research
  • Soon after introducing your research topic you should reference any previous research related your study. For instance, if you are conducting you case study on artificial intelligence in computer software then you should briefly talk about other similar studies that have already been conducted and what those results were in terms of helpfulness for your work.

  • Provide the Reason for the Work
  • After talking about the previous and related research on your topic, you should explain the important of your work as well as the main reason you have in conducting your study. Obviously, you should never state that you are conducting the work because it’s a requirement for your graduate work, rather state how your work aims to fill a gap in the discipline and the implications it could have in the field.

  • Include a Detailed Thesis Statement
  • Finally, you should end your dissertation introduction with a solid thesis statement. In spite of this being a long document, your thesis statement should be uncomplicated. The best approach is to be clear and direct. The reader should at no point feel ambiguous about not just the topic but your exact position on a specific issue on computer science. If you are unsure if your argument is clear enough, you can always ask someone outside of the discipline to have a look at your thesis and attempt to explain it to you in their own words.

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