Choosing Interesting MBA Dissertation Topics On Banking In Switzerland

Choosing a great topic related to Banking, for your MBA is a brainstorming task. But, how can we make this task easy? So, the first the first advice I can give you is to select a topic that you love. When you have an interest in writing on a given topic, then the task to complete the project become a lot easier and time are taken by you are even less.

  1. As we all know, competition is everywhere and the only way to survive in this competitive world is through change. We have seen lots of changes over the past three decades in the financial and banking sector. All these sectors are booming and growing very fast. Innovation is their key ingredient. Without Innovation, they cannot survive in today’s world.

    “Technology and banking” Or “Innovation and banking in Switzerland.”

  2. Currently, one-third of the worldwide fund for the people held outside of country origin is kept in Switzerland, which means that Swiss- bank manage billions of money of their foreign customers. This is the great fact to research on, for example:
    • “Is Switzerland is the Cuba of the Black Money?”
    • “Swiss banking privacy rules and how it works in 2016?”
    • “Private vs. Retail Banking.”
  3. Below are some interesting research topics on banking in Switzerland that may be of interest to you.
    1. Upcoming changes in the banking policies of Swiss banks
    2. The risk involved in depositing money in Swiss banks.
    3. The rise of interest rates and its effects on Swiss banks.
    4. Treasury bills and banking in Switzerland
    5. What are the impact of financial crisis on Swiss banks?
    6. Methods to determine the effectiveness of managing operational and economic risk. A case study of Swiss international banking.

    Take the help of Mentor

    You can also take the help of your mentor, who will be going to assist you throughout the project. You can ask your mentor to advise you in selecting the great dissertation banking topics for you.

    After making the rough list of topics that you may think is good for researching, then your next step will be to select 3 or 4 topics out of it, which you found interesting and in the last step you can select one topic that you like the most, after discussing that topic with your mentor.


    The dissertation requires extensive research, so be careful while choosing the topic.

    I hope that this article will help you in selecting a dissertation topic on banking in Switzerland and good luck in your writing!

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