15 Dissertation Topics On Banking Industry And Its History In The US

  1. Research the way in which the United States created its own banking system by following the way that The Bank of England created its own central banking system.

  2. Discuss the banking strategies and objectives of the banking industry on the United States. On what philosophies are these strategies and objectives based? Are these strategies and objectives still true today?

  3. Explore the way on which the banking strategies, objectives and philosophies of the banking industry actually achieve success. Why have these factors been so important for the success of banking?

  4. Research the way in which the currencies of The Bank of England and US banks are both strongly held around the world. View this from the historical point of view, and could any other countries have followed this progression?

  5. Discuss why the banking systems of the United States and the United Kingdom originated from the same basis but they have some major differences when it comes to the aspects of practice.

  6. How is the Monetary System in the United States used to regulate the economy. How much influence does the Federal Reserve have on the impact of the economy?

  7. How and Why was the Federal Reserve System which is central to banking in the United States established in 1913. is it possible that other countries could follow this practice?

  8. Is it right that the Federal Reserve has such a great influence on credit conditions in order to achieve stable prices, as well as regulate banking to maintain the stability of the financial system? Or does it give false impression?

  9. The central banks of the United States and the United Kingdom both have taken steps to prevent the collapse of their banking system. How could these measures have prevented the collapse of Wall Street?

  10. How does banking in the United States maintain economic health? Is this done entirely by focusing on keeping levels of unemployment low and maintaining a high GDP?

  11. How does both the United States banking system and that of the United Kingdom, maintain confidence in the financial markets and also stability of their currency within the foreign exchange markets.

  12. Through history how has the United States Federal Reserve managed to use the interest rate to influence the economy and to control price stability particularly during a recession.

  13. Discuss the factors that are used to evaluate the interest rate within United States banking. (focus on factors such as output, employment, money and credit growth, the price of assets and the foreign exchange rate.

  14. What systems are used to maintain and monitor the banking systems within the United States? What assurances are given to the customers with regard to their deposits in the even of a bank failure?

  15. The Bank of England uses interest rates to control inflation, compare this to the way that the Federal Reserve controls inflation. Does the method used by The Bank of England adjust rates quicker than the Federal Reserve?

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