Great Ways To Write A Strong Dissertation Literature Review

As a very vital component of a dissertation, the literature review allows the writer to exhibit his or her insight of previous work regarding the topic and also to establish his or her own analysis in the context of his or her work.

What is more, the literature review may create one or more unique chapters of the paper where it may be a component of the introductory chapter or be consolidated as background for several chapters. As always, how the analysis is embodied commonly relies on the field of study. Additionally, this can have several purposes within a thesis.

What should you consider when writing?

The main objective of this type of review is to demonstrate to your readers that you’ve read and have a vast understanding of the subject matter in a certain field. The work may be in any outline, comprising of some online sources. This might be a separate assigned task, or one of the chapters or sections of a report, thesis or dissertation. Indeed, the analysis shall be guided by your objective in your study or through the written discourse or issue you’re arguing and shall provide the structure for your further research.

Please be guided that it is essential that your analysis must not be solely a description of what others have presented in the form of a set of synopses; but, this must take the form of an integral argument, exhibiting knowledge and awareness of varying methods, theories as well as arguments. Further, this should be a fusion and review of the relevant published work, consolidated at all times to your very own objective and justification.

In addition, be reminded that the purposes of your analysis must consist of:

  • Defining and limiting the issue you’re working on
  • Positioning your review or analysis in a historical viewpoint
  • Refraining from futile duplication
  • Assessing auspicious research approaches
  • Relating your outcomes to previous insight and recommend further study

Evidently, it is worth mentioning that an outstanding literature review is analytical of what has been written, clearly points out the fields of difference or controversy, raises queries and singles out areas which require further studies.

More than that, bear in mind that it is fundamental to include a recap of what the composition conveys, which again relates to your main question or hypothesis. A clear line of argument is very necessary. Hence, you need to make use of crucial notes as well as the comments you created while doing the reading in order for you to fully express an academic perspective.

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