Tips For Creating A Solid Dissertation In The Doc Format

Writing your graduate dissertation may very well be the most challenging academic endeavor you will ever undertake. It’s the final required step before earning a master’s or doctoral degree in your discipline, and it often marks the milestone between your academic and professional life. Getting through the research and writing the content only represents about two-thirds of the process. The final third is all about putting your work together in an approved format the graduate committee requires for acceptance. Here are some tips for creating a solid dissertation in the standard doc format that should meet most requirements across several disciplines:

  • Dissertation Title Page
  • You should first check with your department before creating your dissertation title page. Even though these are pretty standard, your department may prefer (and sometimes require) a small detail that you should know about from the start. Generally, however, you can simply center your title, all caps followed by a brief statement pointing to the purpose of the document and finally your name and expected graduation date.

  • Table of Contents (TOC)
  • Your TOC is very important and should be checked thoroughly before submitting your document. Today, most word processors have a feature that automatically set your TOC accurately. Each Chapter Heading should be listed in the bold, all caps; each sub-heading should be indented 5 spaces and listed in non-caps without bold. All numbers should be listed flushed to the right margin.

  • Lists of Figures and Tables
  • Both the list of figures and list of tables should have separate pages immediately following the TOC. Generally you can label each item, provide a short title, cite its location within your document and given a page number, flushed to the right margin.

  • Acknowledgements
  • Your acknowledgements page should stand alone after each of the prior sections and just before the main section of your document begins. Title it ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS followed by a short paragraph, no more than 5 or 6 lines in which you list the people you would like name as having had a positive impact in the completion of your work.

  • Main Content Sections
  • Each content section should be title appropriately and start on a new page. The header should read “Chapter X” followed by the chapter’s title with a double space in between. This short title need not be included on any page in which the chapter begins since this information is redundant.

  • Bibliography Page
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