Guide To Creating A Winning PhD Dissertation Introduction Section

Writing assignments for your higher grades is tougher than you think. Students often consider that they would wrap up their project on the last minute and they do not have to worry about it at all. This is not the case in higher grades and degrees like a doctorate. In these academic levels, you may spend an entire month looking for the right title or subject area to address in your paper. Unlike other academic levels, you have to be innovative and come up with your own original ideas for a doctorate degree. The best solution to writing such papers is to divide your work in sections and allocate time and resource to each section so that you can achieve a perfect project

A dissertation is one critical academic task because it helps the students express their opinions on a given subject and learn to think critically. You have to make sure that you write about the subject after conducting careful research as well as your own personal observation. You will use different methods and strategies for data collection, analysis, organization, and writing your paper. If you divide your project into sections and set milestones for each, you would be able to complete the task soon enough

The introduction of your paper

The introduction is the first section in your paper after the title and cover pages. These pages are a formal presentation while the introduction is the official start of your paper. All introductions aim to provide an insight to the subject and what the rest of the paper will contain. For academic assignments like this one, you have to stay a bit more careful and formal while composing the introduction.

Generally, this section in your assignment should have two basic portions. The length of these portions will depend on the rest of your paper and will change relative to the total length. However, the purpose of these two portions stays the same. The two portions of your introduction are

  1. Opening sentence
  2. This is the place where you give a brief background of the subject and present it to your audience in an engaging manner. Try to include a hook like a strong fact or logic to develop interest of your audience

  3. Thesis statement
  4. This statement is an extract of your entire paper and shows the aim of your work.

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