Composing A Doctoral Dissertation Title Page: Practical Tips

Writing a dissertation is a big task that students are usually required to complete in order to receive their final diploma and every one must have a title page, unless specified to do otherwise by your instructor. Constructing a title page is simple, all that is required is that you provide yours and the publisher’s information, along with the title of the document itself. What’s important in this page is its lay out, some layouts can make your page really stand out and you should try to avoid jumbled, compact title pages. Here are some basic guidelines on how to go about constructing a title page for your dissertation.

  1. View examples
  2. Examples can help you to decide on which approach you would like to use and this is helpful because it can move you from a state of indecision, to a mode of action and planning. These examples can be found in various locations, using online sources may be the easiest.

  3. List all the information you wish to include
  4. Compiling a list of the points you would like to explore in your paper can further allow you to approach it in a proactive manner. This process may be viewed as a form of brainstorming and during this, you may realize ideas that you had not first considered, but which would greatly improve the overall paper.

  5. Do several drafts for appearance
  6. Working in scrap is quite useful for many highly important projects and should be used extensively when writing your thesis. For the title page, doing some rough drafts can help you better tweak your layout to suit your tastes and the presentation style you wish to employ.

  7. Use a layout that best suits your style
  8. There are many standard layouts that can be used for this first page of you paper and each of them is likely to be suited for different effects. You can view these styles easily using any search engine and entering the key word of your query. Form here it is up to you to decide exactly which style you would like to employ

  9. Select a suitable font
  10. It would be a shame to dedicate hours of work and investigation into the formation of a paper that is simply hard to read because of the choice of font. Carefully select a font that is legible, a good option is Times New Roman but there are many other suitable fonts you could consider as well.

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