Interesting Dissertation Topics About Human Anatomy

The study of the human anatomy has been a subject of interest to scholars for many centuries and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Anatomical studies date back as far as recorded history and there are even signs from drawings in cave dwellings that show how ancient man also paid close attention to anatomy. As a subject for a dissertation, anatomy has the ability to provide you with many interesting ideas to conduct studies on.

When writing a dissertation, a student must conduct serious research on a real world topic, then submit well written papers for examination. The smart student will make sure that their topic is both practical and enjoyable to work with, making their project much easier to complete. Consider the following list of dissertation topics on the human anatomy:

  1. What can inspection of someone’s heart conditions say about the way they lived their life?
  2. A study on the effects of drinking on the liver to find out why it affects the liver, how much alcohol is needed to produce effects and when do the first effects begin.
  3. Would it be more practical to simply remove the appendix at a convenient time rather than waiting for a mishap to occur?
  4. An investigation into the reasons why humans have so many vestigial body parts with the potential to cause serious medical problems at some point in their lives.
  5. Will we ever be able to develop a medical procedure that can regenerate nervous and brain tissue?
  6. How many internal organs can be replaced with mechanical substitutes before the subject dies?
  7. What are the chances that we will develop nanotechnology that can replace the functions of the human nervous system?
  8. The significance of the Cardiac Valve Annular dimensions in surgical procedures.
  9. Why human thumbs were evolved instead of a claw or similar feature.
  10. A complete study of the gastric system and its effect on health
  11. A study of how the human skeletal system has changed over time and how environmental factors might have contributed to these changes.
  12. A complete study of the Human Mitral Valve Complex.
  13. The different patterns found in the internal iliac artery and their effects on surgical procedures.
  14. What causes a muscular cramp and how they can be prevented.
  15. Investigate the variations of all patterns of branching existing in the anterior cerebral artery
  16. A complete investigation into the causes of high skin sensitivity.

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