Tips For Creating A Solid Abstract For A Master's Dissertation

When writing a Master’s dissertation, you will probably have to create an abstract to include towards the beginning of your paper. Essentially, an abstract is one of the most important sections of the work that you will produce, and can have a dramatic influence on whether or not people read what you have written.

Ultimately, as the first thing that most people are likely to see when looking at your work, and abstract will help to convince them whether or not they should continue reading. Therefore, it is important that you create the work to a high standard, and try and ensure that the work will encourage people to carry on reading.

Abstracts should be short in length

One of the most important things to be aware of when writing your abstract is how long it should be. It might be that your mentor has given you specific instructions; however, if they haven’t, then it is generally acceptable to try and keep your abstract to about half a page in length - although, potentially it is possible to create one that is longer.

Ultimately, the abstract is only meant to be a brief summary of your work, and should provide the reader with a better understanding of what to expect, should they choose to continue reading.

What to include

Due to the limited amount of space that you have, it is important to think carefully about what you will include within your abstract. You should refer to the title of your work, as well as potentially any people who have assisted in the work, and were part of the team carried out any research. You may also wish to refer to any similar studies that have been done, which may have been used as inspiration whilst doing your own work.

Other things to include are details about any research methods that you might have used, as well as any hypothesis or questions that you hoped to address as part of your work. In fact, you should try and include details about your findings, and refer to any relevant studies in order to back up any points that you are making.

Writing the work last

One final tip is that it is a good idea to write your abstract once you have written the rest of the work. Essentially, by writing this section last, you should have a better understanding of what to include, as you will already have written the other sections that it refers to.

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