A List Of Nursing Dissertation Writing Ideas About Mental Health

If you are a nursing student in search of ideas on what to write about mental health then this resource will prove helpful to you. Before we delve further in ton this topic, you need to know what a dissertation is, and how you need to develop a topic. Afterwards, you will get some refreshing ideas on how to develop awesome topics on mental health.

What is a dissertation?

Thesis or dissertation can be described as well-documented essay on a particular topic. In the dissertation, you must ensure that emphasize the specific area of research and the knowledge that you want to add in to that area. You should ensure that you write it in a way that communicates your knowledge and research to the reader. Choosing an interesting topic is an important part of every research because it’s the most initial step towards start of original, detailed study which you will write.

Developing a topic:

Let’s talk facts. Coming up with an entirely new topic or research in mental health nursing is not easy. Virtually everything you think of has been researched on. However, this is not an excuse that you should come up with duplicate content. You should ensure that the topic you come up with, even if not 100% unique, then the content that follows it is not similar to another one.

Remember that a dissertation should be about a problem that you want to seek solution or answer to. As a nurse, there are many things you see at the wards and generally during your clinical practice. You can turn these in to a very interesting dissertation topic.

The following are some ideas as to the topics you can write about mental health nursing.

Possible topics:

  • Evaluating how weight gain affects mental health during pregnancy.
  • How miscarriage affects women and their families.
  • How increasing screen time for adults and children during digital age affects their mental health.
  • Evaluating the mental health effects caused by lack of medical services to the under-served and often neglected African American population.
  • How suicide by parents affects children’s mental health.
  • Evolution of the war psychological effect on war veteran’s families.
  • The effects of sudden death on the surviving family members.
  • Evaluating the correlation, if any, between high I.Q levels and risk of developing mental illness.
  • Examining the effect of divorce on the psychological health of children.
  • Imprison and its effects on mental health – does it help convicts reform or become hardcore criminals?

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