The Essentials Of History Dissertation Writing For Dummies

Writing a history dissertation is one of the longest, most arduous assignments that a student will ever have to do. In order to get a top score on this assignment, students should make sure that they are following the regulations for their school and that they have picked a good topic. To make this process a little easier, students should make sure to follow these essential steps.

  • Create a Schedule
  • It is extremely hard for a student to know if they are on track if they do not have a schedule. With a schedule, the student essentially breaks down the entire process into manageable steps. They should set goals for finishing the research and creating an outline. Once the writing process begins, the student should set daily word count goals. By doing this, the student can make sure that they finish on time and that they have extra weeks leftover for editing and checking their sources.

  • Look at Official Rules
  • Every college has specific requirements for completing a dissertation. They may have expectations about research materials, style guides or other details. To make sure that the student does not end up getting in trouble, students should make sure that they know these rules in advance. When in doubt, the student can always ask their academic adviser for help.

  • Check In With an Academic Adviser Regularly
  • An academic adviser exists entirely to help their students. They have set office hours every week to help students find research materials, answer questions and guide the entire process. Students should always check in with their academic adviser every week or two. By doing this, the student can get some extra help and they will know in advance if they are starting to fall behind their peers. The academic adviser has already gone through the dissertation process hundreds of times with other students, so they are one of the student's best resources.

  • Cite Everything
  • History writing is all about finding high-quality primary and secondary sources. For the student to prove their argument, they must be able to show that they have authoritative sources on their side. If the source is not cited properly, it technically constitutes plagiarism. One of the most common reasons students have to re-do their papers is to add in citations. By making sure that everything that could be cited is, students can save a lot of time and effort later on.

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